Solar cell generator small power rugged portable power station 300W UPS

The portability, huge capacity, and widespread wireless charging of the product are its advantages. Also, it is portable and small. To help with charging, a 600w external solar panel charging output can be installed. A lithium battery has the following specifications: 86400 mAH, 319.68 WH, 15 W, and a pure sine-wave AC socket (x2) Type-c:65W Type-c:100W DC12V/10A at 15V/3A:7H (x3). PD65W: 5H . PD100W :3.2H The smart device shows the input and output power as well as the remaining battery life. good measure of security (overload protection, output short-circuit protection, input undervoltage protection, input overvoltage protection, over temperature protection, etc.) features for product cooling and heat dissipation, a four-in-one output panel, low operating noise, exceptional conversion efficiency, and long-term stability;

Products Details

1. a single inverter with a single solar charging plug-and-play module, a single lithium-ion smart battery, two 12V high output devices, a single DC USB connector, and a single AC output; 2. The advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries include their incredibly long lifespan, 3. They are lightweight and relatively tiny, making them easy to transport and store. 4. A sturdy design that can withstand 1200 charge/discharge cycles. 5. The use of an aluminum alloy casing that is robust, shockproof, and fall-proof.1.The set of components is completed by a single plug-and-play solar charger, a functional output with a 12V, DC USB, and an AC output, an inverter, and a high-tech lithium battery pack. 2.Using lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are reliable, powerful, and able to withstand 1200 charge/discharge cycles, leads to a 3. significantly longer lifetime; 4. very light, compact, transportable, and convenient to store; 5. The utilization of a strong, shock- and fall-resistant aluminum alloy casing.1. By connecting to cellphones, tablets, PCs, and other electronic devices, it can be used as an uninterruptible power supply in outdoor offices. 2. Outside field electricity, outside field electricity for amusement, and outside field electricity. 3. Electric lighting outside. 4. which include explorations of the earth's interior, mine rescues, oil field rescues, and rescues from geological emergencies. 5. Electricity is urgently required for field maintenance by the telecoms division. 6. the minimal necessities in terms of medical supplies and backup electricity. 7. Boost the UAV's effectiveness and the amount of time it may be used outside.◇ USB output: 2Pcs * 5V2.1A and 2Pcs * 5 * 3A MAX ◇ Type-C output: PD 60W, 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2A, 15V/1.5A, 20V/1.5A ◇ Solar charging: 14.8V10A ◇ AC charger charging: AC 220V/110V~14.8V5A ◇ AC built-in charging: AC 220V/110V~160W ◇ Storage temperature: - 10 ℃~+45 ℃ ◇ Operating temperature: - 10 ℃~+65 ℃ ◇ Product color: gray black/orange/bright green ◇ Product material: aluminum alloy/ABS/PCBA◇ Product size: 290 * 154 * 160mm ◇ Product weight: 7.1kg ◇ Battery capacity: 307.2WH ◇ Lithium battery voltage: 12.8V (optional/options) ◇ AC output power: 300W ◇ Peak output power: 600W ◇ AC output voltage: 220V ± 5% (2Pcs) or 110V ± 5% (2Pcs) ◇ Inverter output waveform: pure sine wave ◇ AC output frequency: 50HZ/60HZ ◇ Vehicle charging output: 12V10A maximum 120W/max 120W ◇ DC output: 4Pcs * 12V8A MAX

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