Small size, mobility, large capacity, and widespread use of wireless charging are among the benefits of the product. A 500w solar panel charging output can be connected outside to offer assistance during charging. Lithium battery with a pure sine-wave AC socket, 129600 mAH, 479.52 WH, and 18W. (x2) Type-c:65W Type-c:100W DC12V/10A(x3) 15V/3A:7H . PD65W: 5H . PD100W :3.2H The smart device displays battery life, input power, and output power. One great security feature (overload protection, output short-circuit protection, input undervoltage protection, input overvoltage protection, over temperature protection, etc.) Four-in-one output panel, low operation noise, outstanding conversion efficiency, long-term stability, and air conditioning and heat dissipation characteristics of the product;

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1 intelligent lithium battery pack, plug-and-play solar charging module, and inverter; 2 a high output that includes 12V, DC USB, and AC output; 3 incredibly long lifespan: using lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are robust, reliable, and able to resist 1200 charge/discharge cycles; 4 very light-weight, small in both weight and volume, easy to carry, and store; 5 The use of a sturdy, shock-resistant, and fall-resistant aluminum alloy shell1.It can be utilized as an uninterruptible power source in outdoor offices by connecting to smartphones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices. 2. outdoor photography, outdoor entertainment-related field electricity, and outside field electricity. 3. powered outdoor lighting. 4. which comprise an oil field, a mine, a geological exploration project, and an emergency rescue during a geological disaster. 5. Field maintenance for the telecommunications department requires emergency electricity. 6. modest, micromedical supplies, and emergency electricity. 7. Increase the UAV's efficiency while also extending the amount of time it may be used outside.1 smart lithium battery pack, inverter, and plug-and-play solar charging module; 2. high output with 12V, DC USB, and AC output; Utilizing lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are robust, stable, and able to sustain 1200 charge/discharge cycles, will result in an extraordinarily long life. 3, very light-weight: small in both size and weight, easy to store and move; 4. Making use of a robust, shockproof, and fall-resistant aluminum alloy shell;◇ Product size: 224 * 190 * 156 MM ◇ Battery capacity: 129600mA 479.52WH ◇ Product net weight: 5KG ◇ LED color display ◇ Wireless fast charging 15W ◇ Lighting/rescue light ◇ Color: orange+black+gray ◇ AC output voltage: 220V (support 230V)/50Hz ◇ AC output power: 500W ◇ Peak value: 1000W ◇ USB QC3.0 output fast charging interface◇ 12V/10A output interface ◇ Cigarette lighter output interface ◇ Type-c two-way 65W interface (more than 90% of 7.5H charging) ◇ Type-c two-way 100W interface (more than 90% of 5H charging) ◇ Charging time: standard adapter (more than 90% of 10H charging) ◇ Input voltage: standard adapter: DC 15V/3A, solar energy: DC12-30V. ◇ Operating temperature: 0 ℃ to 45 ℃/32 ℉ to 113 ℉ ◇ Storage temperature: - 10 ℃ to 65 ℃/14 ℉ to 149 ℉ ◇ Main material: ABS

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